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Welcome to McLoughlin Piano Tuning.

North Lincolnshires Shaun McLoughlin is a professionally qualified piano tuner/technician, who has served North and North East lincolnshire and their surrounding areas for over 17 years, providing an expert piano tuning, maintenance and repair service.

His clients include schools, theatres, professional musicians and of course private owners. As a result of many years of hard working experience Shaun has earned a reputation as one of North Lincolnshire's leading piano tuners who understands the local music community.

Although Shaun has looked after some high quality and even prestigious pianos in his time, he isn't exclusive and is willing to look after your old, battered and beloved upright as long as it's serviceable.

He can also advise you on transporting your piano, piano hire, buying a piano and can check out any piano you are interested in buying/acquiring.

Click here to find out about Shaun, his rates, book an appointment or simply learn about the low-down on piano tuning (FAQ).

If you want further confirmation of Shaun's ability visit the testimonials page





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