Jim Edwards, Retired Session Musician

"Shaun brought my daughters piano back to life, I can't remember it ever sounding this good."

RJ Sheard, Retired Head teacher. 14-May-08

"I can commend Shaun McLoughlin (McLoughlin Piano Tuning) to you unreservedly based on personal experience of his work both at Crosby Primary School where I was Head Teacher between 1994 and 2008 and in my own home. Mr. McLoughlin proved a most reliable, conscientious and capable piano tuner. He was trustworthy, careful and accommodating."

Harry Foster, boudoir grand piano owner, Scotter. 16-April-09

"Thank you for tuning our Bluthner piano yesterday. Apart from the tuning itself which is spot on, my wife and I are really delighted with the correction you made to the two notes which have been problematic for several years, intermittently failing to strike their respective strings.

I believe that I mentioned that at least three previous piano tuners have been unable to identify, let alone correct these faults whereas your reconstruction of the two worn hammer mechanisms has now completely eliminated the problem. Well done!"

Patricia Smith

"One of my friends who is a music teacher commented that my piano sounded very good after it had been tuned by Shaun - the best that she had ever heard it to be. I am very pleased with it too and found Shaun to be most punctual, reliable and efficient in carrying out this work for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. My piano continues to give me a great deal of pleasure."