Shaun offers competitive rates from a basic tuning to a complete restring, tuning pin replacement and action recondition. Prices apply within a 30 mile radius of the postcode; DN16 3AA.


A basic tuning starts at £55.00 depending on the age and condition. If the piano is below international standard pitch (A440 Hz) it would need a second tuning, this would be an extra £16.50, both these tunings would be done in one visit.

Miniature pianos (excluding some Eavestaff models,) are more difficult to tune due to their "enharmonicity" caused by shorter, stiffer strings; in this case add £7.50 to the total as it will take more time.

Overdamped pianos are an inferior design (production of these pianos ceased in the 1930s), the damper wires clash with the use of the muting wedge, an essential tool for tuning pianos; add £10.00

Older pianos have problems with hammers being worn flat at their striking surface and corroded strings. These cause the tone of the instrument to deteriorate making tuning a real struggle; add up to £20.00

Concert tunings are high pressure work usually performed amid the cacophony of stage technicians setting up; add up to £20 depending on conditions. These pianos are usually up to pitch.

To achieve the cheapest price have your piano regurlarly tuned, it shouldn't cost more than £60.00 per tuning.


To reduce a harsh tone caused by compacted hammer felts. The piano needs to be in tune before this can be undertaken; the cost includes tuning. It must also be in good working order Shaun can advise on this; up to £145


Single string; £12.00

Bass string, these are bespoke and have to be ordered, they can take up to 3 weeks to arrive, up to; £35.00

Splice broken bass string, Only possible if the string is broken in the usual place; close to the tuning pin. Cheaper than replacement but looks unsightly on a grand; £16.00

Complete restring; up to £1,325

N.B. unless your pianos tuning pins are very firmly held it is highly recommended that you change the pins with this work as the friction involved will cause the wrestplank to lose moisture rendering the pins less able to hold the new strings in tune. Shaun would advise you on this.


Single tuning pin replacement; £10.00

Complete tuning pin replacement;up to £1,200

Complete restring and tuning pin replacement

As both these jobs involve very much the same work it is cheaper to get them done together; £2,100

Complete Action Recondition - Price on Application

Repairs and Regulation

For customers who require regulation and repairs to the pianos action and keys the general rule of thumb is £30 an hour. For a more comprehensive price list or quotation/estimate* please contact Shaun on the numbers or contact details below.

Contact Details

Daytime/text:  07876 661 475

Evenings:  01724 336179

Email: enquiries@mcloughlinpianotuning.co.uk

Bookings: bookings@mcloughlinpianotuning.co.uk

*Only an estimate can be given over the phone. An estimate is free but the final cost could go up as well as down. A quotation requires a visit and would cost around £25 depending on distance traveled. After a quotation is given it has to be fixed and can only go down. This conforms with the legal definitions of estimates and quotations.